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Maria Etkind is a graphic design and milliner living in The Hague, Holland this is her journal. 


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Fish Leather Workshop

Maria Etkind

This past weekend, I attended a two-day fish leather workshop taught by, Jane Fryers

Fish leather is cured and tanned skins of fish. The leather feels like normal animal leather and come in an array of colors. The Tilapia comes in two pieces and the salmon is one large long skin. Some leathers are softer than others. 

The workshop was amazing. Jane taught us how to block fish leather, how hand sculpt two types of roses one for a flat application and another on a wire. We blocked one hat with the Tilapia suede fish leather and made the roses from salmon skin. 

Jane was a stupendous teacher. She took her time and explained extensively how the blocking and flower making process/technique worked for this material. She also shared several practical millinery tips. One definitely has to have confidence in this material and trust that the final piece will be stunning. I was delighted when our group gathered all our hats for a group photo. Everyone's work was very different and elegant.

You can order the salmon fish leather at Nanai.
The workshop was put together by, Pierre et Pierre in The Hague, Netherlands.